confessions of an underachiever
" Rough sex is the manifestation of romance. You trust someone so much that you let them do whatever they want with one thing that is yours. "
Anyone here on SKINNY GOSSIP?


I read it all the time and would like to join but need an invite :(

what katie did

i told her exactly why i like her
the renaissance shape of her lips

the tiny marks on her back that make her skin
more like mine
the breath on my neck

as we embrace
the rain thuds heavy 
on panes



time doesn’t wait for your acceptance
time waits for the being within you
allowing unbeknownst evolution.

then one night; incidents suppressed; forgotten,
time allows you to see it’s creation
expelled from you
it is punishment, clarity and redemption

realisation manifests
realisation negates
and with realisation comes responsibility

unintentional murder
through your own substance abuse
signals your own undoing
after all, they were innocent.
they were the only one.

walking through town, new year’s eve
my reputation has preceded me, and the
tattered remnants of the evening lie at my feet.
i turn to you, the only source of tranquillity

then we voice our thoughts
and the child that never was
knows my sorrow.